Grup Prats is the fruit of a family business that began the year 1962 with the construction the first nursery of mussels that are installed in the Bay of Fangar. The founder was Mr Joan Prats, who since the year 1942 was engaged in fishing for elver in the Delta. It was at the beginning of the 1980s when in front of a drastic fall of elver catches you decide to abandon this activity and dedicate himself exclusively to the production of Mussel and oyster. For more than 20 years the Prats family to increased nursery name as they were gaining concessions.


In 1982 it was decided to build more hatcheries on the other side of the Bay that we have in the Delta, the Alfacs Bay, at that time came to have more than 25 hatcheries of mussel in full production.

In 1992 the company had to deal with a crisis, because of the death of part of the crops and hard to sell the production. All of these factors did change the course of the company which would be reinforced on the quality of the product.


It is the year 2010 when Jonathan Garrigós, one of the grandchildren of Joan Prats, decided to assume the management of the company and promote a policy of work based on quality and service. Last year the company to experienced a major renovation of machinery, improving the facilities and renewal of the fleet of vehicles and vessels among others. All these changes have been taken under the umbrella of a new brand called Grup Prats, which today is present in fairs, television or magazines.

Our vision

Currently Grup Prats this working together on several projects promoted by entities such as Manos Unidas (with the donation of 1% of its turnover), the Ebro Delta Natural Park (with environmental conservation tasks), or the CCPAE (with the application of new ecological production techniques).But one of the most significant changes that have occurred in recent years to state definitely the application of new farming techniques. This fact to caused that mussel and oyster production is over 100 tons, the 300 a year.

With our own hatcheries in the Bay of Fangar and the Alfacs, Grup Prats to managed to position itself in the market as a producer of high-quality mussel and producing 100% natural. And is that, in fact, for many years, only obsession of this family not been another that produce one of the best mussels in the world.