hatcheries of Mussels
Panoramic photograph of the mussels hatcheries of the Alfaques Bay.
Ropes of mussels
Ropes of mussels rearing.
Rearing process
Preparation of the mussel farming hang in the hatchery.
Collection facilities
Detail of the structure of one of the hatcheries of Mussel.
Collection of mussels
Pick up one of those ropes of breeding for the collection of mussels.
Selection of mussels
The process of selection of mussels.
hatcheries of oysters
View of the end of one of the hatcheries.
Purification plant of shellfish
the sewage treatment plant of seafood facilities.
Oyster boxes
Oysters boxes prepared for distribution.
Ropes of mussels
Detail of the i of the ropes of mussels breeding hatchery.
Preparation of the different orders for distribution by all Spain.
Fish shop
Fish market of Deltebre where we sell seafood and fish from the Delta.